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Getting website traffic is key to your websites success, and making sure it is what the person is searching for.

> Drive high quality traffic to your website

> Show up in relevant search engine results

> Significantly boost your online sales potential

> Generate high return on investment (ROI)

When a web page provides the answer to the query from a user, Google scores the search result after considering the authority as well as relevancy of the web page to provide the answer. For scoring the search results Google makes use of more than 200 signals. The altogether technical and other initiative from the side of the webmaster to improve these signals is referred as SEO. Google expects that its users are provided with the best answers. When the website is able to achieve higher ranking in search engine results more number of potential visitors will visit the website. The process of enabling the website to improve its search engine ranking is known as Search Engine Optimization. The Google search results also contain videos, map listings, knowledge graphs and various other listings also. The process of improving the visibility in these listings is also a part of the SEO process.

> Optimise Website

> Keyword Balance

> Load Speed

> Quality of Content

> Build Links

Organic visibility of websites
As a Whitley Bay based SEO company we help many online marketing companies to increase their visibility through SEO. We identify the most powerful keywords for the web pages of our clients’ website. As part of our keyword research we analyze the different words and phrases and also the frequency at which these words/phrases are used by the potential buyers of the particular product or service. We ensure that the website provides the best user-experience and also ensure that the website is simple to use. In a highly competitive market it is very important to ensure that the website is fast and is stuffed with the best quality content. Since the majority of searchers ignore the pages beyond the first page, unless the web page is ranked at the top, it will lose its visibility. An invisible website cannot perform in a competitive market. Hence through the process of SEO we enable the websites of our clients to survive and grow in a competitive market.

White-Hat SEO
Our Whitley Bay based SEO company helps our clients to improve their organic visibility in the SERPs on the Google search engine. Our highly skilled as well as experienced SEO team had successfully improved the organic visibility of numerous online businesses. We are committed to provide the best and the most trusted service to our clients and we completely avoid Black Hat SEO techniques for search engine optimization of the clients’ websites. We strictly adhere to White Hat optimization methods. We could emerge as a reputed and leading SEO firm in Whitley Bay by way of upholding white-hat SEO ethics and strictly avoiding unethical practices. The SERPs of our clients’ websites demonstrate the success of our SEO strategies and the power of the search engine-optimized keywords that we have provided to the websites of our clients.